Large Pages in Windows

Using large pages can speedup hash table access and thus increase Chiron speed by up to 15%. The larger the hash table you use the more the speedup will be.
There are both a configuration command and an UCI option to enable/disable hash table memory allocation using large pages. However, besides enabling them, a special Windows privilege called “Lock Pages in Memory” is needed. Here are the instructions to obtain it:

1) Start the Group Policy Editor by typing “gpedit.msc” in the Search line at the bottom of the Start menu

2) Under “Computer Configuration” , “Windows Settings”, “Security Settings”, “Local Policies” click on “User Rights Assignment”

3) Double-click on “Lock Pages in memory”

4) Click on “Add User or Group”

5) Write the name of your Windows account or “Everyone” in the box and then click on “OK”

6) Logoff for the change to take effect

Start your favorite GUI with administrative rights (right click -> “Run as Administrator”).