Chiron wins IGT 2019

Chiron has won the International GSEI Tournament 2019. The tournament was played on October 12-13 in Torino. The playing venue was the sport center La Verdolina. The time control was 30’+10″. Seven rounds were played. Chiron ran on my old server with 2xOpteron 6276 (32 core @ 2.3Hz) except for the game against Dimitri, the runner-up, for which an Amazon EC2 Xeon Platinum 8125M (18 cores @ 3GHz) was used. Like last year, a man vs machine event took place: in the days before the tournament anyone could sign up to play against Marco Belli’s strong Vajolet2 whose search time was limited to 1 second per move. The human who fared better was awarded a plaque. After the end of the tournament Luca Lissandrello tould us he was retiring from computer chess. I would like to thank Luca for everything he has done for the italian computer chess community: he created the G6 forum and website, kept them updated with articles and interviews, organized almost every IGT edition and the IGT online version with a web interface kind of like TCEC, weekly tested new versions of italian engines and surely something else I’m forgetting.