Chiron wins IGT 2017

Chiron has won the International GSEI Tournament 2017. The tournament was played on September 23-24 in Rome. Once again, the playing venue was the Accademia Scacchistica Romana. Fourteen programs played 7 rounds. The time control was 30’+10″. Chiron shared the first place with Jonny and then won the tie-break at 5’+5″ by 1.5-0.5. You can find all the results and the games on GSEI’s website. Many thanks to Erdogan Gunes and Wolfgang Zugrav, from Komodo’s Team, for providing the opening book and the very fast hardware Chiron ran on (60 core Xeon v2 @ 2.5GHz). Chiron searched about 60 Mnps in the middlegame and 80 Mnps in the endgame, reaching 100+ a couple of times.