Chiron in the WCCC 2018

From July 13 to 19, Chiron played in the World Computer Chess Championships organized by the ICGA, at the Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm. The hardware for Chiron was provided by the E4 Computer Engineering: a server configured with 2 x AMD Epyc 7551 (64 cores), 256GB of RAM and a very fast Intel Optane P4800X for the Syzygy bases. The average speed was 50/60 MNPS in the middlegame. Chiron placed shared second in the World Computer Speed Chess Championship (12 games, tc 5’+5″). If I had not made it lose a game against Ginkgo by playing a wrong move on the board, it could have been clear second but these things can happen during the blitz tournament. In the World Chess Software Championship all the participants had to use the same hardware: a notebook with an i7-8550U 1.8GHz quad core CPU and 16GB of RAM. The time control was 45’+15″. Chiron scored 4/8 and its only loss was against Jonny after playing the very dubious 16.h3. On Monday 16, the World Computer Chess Championship started. The tc was 1h45’+15″ for 7 games. There was much interest on the WCCC because Leela Chess Zero would have played. Chiron has not a lost a single game but unfortunately has not won one either, thus placed fourth in the WCCC, half a point behind the third. Komodo won all the three championships. Congratulations to its team. The ICML and the IJCAI-ECAI took place in the same days and many partcipants showed interest in our tournaments, following the games, the commentary by GM Harry Schüssler and making questions. This was probably the best computer chess tournament I played in. You could talk with many interesting people from the AI field and some of them also played against our engines, like Prof. Tuomas Sandholm, cocreator of Libratus, who played 4 games against Chiron, almost drawing the last one and thus showing once again I have to work on Chiron’s tendency to trade off all its pieces. Finally, many thanks to the E4 Computer Engineering, in particular to Agnese Reina and Marco Cicala, that let Chiron run on one of their fast servers and prompty solved any technical problem I had.
You can find more info about the WCCCs on the ICGA site and on their Facebook page.

Here are some photos and the games played by Chiron: