Chiron in the IGT 2018

During the weekend of October 27-28, Chiron played in the 2018 International GSEI Tournament organized this year by Stefano Gemma. The playing venue was the GAP in Borgo Virgilio, Mantova. Nine progams played a single round-robin. The time control was 25’+10″. Jonny by Johannes Zwanzger won the tournament. Chiron finished second while Pedone by Fabio Gobbato was third after winning the tie-break against The Baron by Richard Pjil. Congratulations to Johannes for a well deserved win. As first of the italians, Chiron is the 2018 Italian Champion. For the first part of tournament, Chiron ran on the same 60 cores Xeon v2 used last year (thanks Wolfgang), and for the remaining games on my 32 cores server with two Opteron 6274, except for the game against The Baron for which an Amazon EC2 instance was used. Jonny ran on a cluster with 384 cores while all the others used local hardware. PICcolino by Luca Naddei runs on a 70 MHz PIC inside a chess board made by Luca himself. Near the end of the tournament a man vs machine match was played: the FIDE Master Valerio Luciani (~2200) played two games against Adachess by Alessandro Iavicoli that won the match. You can find the standings and all the games on GSEI website.