Chiron 3 released

Chiron 3 is about 60 points stronger than Chiron 2.


Now also available on Android:


Here’s a short list of changes:

  • improved search (better parameters for pruning and move ordering)
  • improved evaluation (in particular mobility and king safety)
  • tuning of the evaluation
  • new parallel search
  • added support for Syzygybases
  • added option “Tablebases Probe Depth” (default=6, lower it if you have a SSD)
  • 6 pieces Scorpio bitbases can now be probed
  • improved time management
  • fixed a time management bug for X moves in Y minutes time controls (thanks to Gabor Szots)
  • added option “Blockage Detection” to enable/disable pawn blockage detection
  • added again support for CTG books

It comes with an improved Polyglot opening book developed by Arturo Ochoa.


Who has bought Chiron 2 in the last month will receive Chiron 3 for free.
Past Customers can buy it with a discount through the link received in an email.