Chiron 1.5 released

Chiron 1.5 is about 30 Elo points stronger than Chiron 1.1a thanks to improvements in both search and evaluation functions.
Some ChironBitbases (.cbb) are included: KPK, KPPK, KPKP, KQKP, KPPKP.
The min split depth for parallel search can now be chosen automatically by setting the UCI option “Minimum Split Depth” to 0 or by setting “minsplitdepth” in chiron.ini to “auto”. It is already so by default.
Besides that, some minor bugs have been fixed:

  • pawn blockage code was not handling correctly en-passant captures (thanks to R. Vida)
  • hash table memory allocation was not working correctly when more than 2GB was set