Chiron 1.1 released

Chiron 1.1 is a bugfix version. There are neither strength improvements nor new features.
Thanks to all the users that reported bugs and helped with testing.
In particular these bugs have been fixed:

  • crashes when probing Nalimov tablebases and Shawul bitbases during parallel search
  • incorrect parsing of UCI options regarding tablebases
  • incorrect behaviour with UCI fixed depth search and infinite analysis
  • disabling of the book after the first game with Chessbase GUIs
  • wrong mate announcement with Winboard protocol when Chiron mates with black
  • resigning after 6 moves with Winboard protocol when playing with Arena
  • wrong castling with some Chess960 positions that lead to blunders and/or crashes
  • wrong detection of the number of cpu and cores with Intel processors